Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unthinkable Thoughts

Open your mind’s eyes my friend

Let the light of love shine upon thee

Walk the path that leads to the high lands of truth

Swim in the ocean of eternal life

Run the miles of happiness, silence and peace

Let there be born the wisdom of hope

And when the time comes let the showers of purity wash your heart and mind

Live freely within the prisoners who walk aimlessly this lonely planet

Look and see beyond the walls of hate, despair and fear

Awake to the shining star that lights the world within

Never stop flying in the wings of the present silent moment

Remember yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet

Why to worry about tomorrow when today is not even finished yet

So create and recreate your life being a traveler of travelers

The seed is there within my friend

Let it sprout with the warmth of the morning sun

And life will be the most marvelous journey of all

Open up my friend

Love is knocking unheard on your front close door

Open the door and let it enter

And when it enters your little house open all the windows

This way it will not be blocked and locked inside of fear’s misery

Blessing all around you with its unmatched perfume

Only then you can say that you are alive and living the highest life of all.

God Bless You,


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