Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beauty Beyond

You look up in the sky beauty stuns you.
There is an opening out of those partially heavy clouds.
It is like a painting that someone just finished painting.
There are no words to describe what you see and experience.
There is only silence, observation and appreciation
of the beauty that lies before you.
Words are so limited to describe what is limitless.
It is such a marvelous sight that you fly in the wings of peace.
There is such a space inside that fills the infinite.
Oh! Dear Lord what did the being do to deserve such a sight.
The being feels humble and like fallen on his knees.
It is Your reflection the being knows that washes the soul
of all the dirty that was here just few seconds gone.
And now the being can contemplate
what only Your Love shines within.
It is beyond imagination and beyond all that has gone before.
The heart pounds with joy and love and peace beyond comprehension.
The mind is so still and quiet that nothing can move it.
Everything else but this beauty lies within it
untouched by anything else.
The colors, the shapes and the space beyond them arrest the mind.
Where has the being been all this time lost in the trivialities of time.
Missing all this all along which is necessary only to look up to see.
Give the being the grace not to lose this anymore
although he knows he will.
But the future is not here yet and the being can take
infinite joy in the moment
Just being in this moment which will last to eternity is grace given.
You have conquered his heart, mind and soul forever
not now, but long ago.
However only now the being is really rediscovering that
You went nowhere.
He needs just to look up to find
You, Your Beauty, Your Joy and Your Silence.
Because below the mind is trapped in everything
the senses can touch upon senselessly.
But the heart, mind and soul is now employed
only to remember You completely.
The being will work until the end of his days to remember You always.
He knows that many times he is going to fail but it does not matter
because he knows that Your Heart will always be open.
And there allow the being to lie gently in Your infinite Arms
from where he has never left.

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