Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Talk with the Great Masters

My dear friends talking to the Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, Siva and Krishna this season I heard the news some old and some new. I am not sure if I will be able to translate it right because when you are a translator you never know if you are translating accurately but I will try anyway. I hope you will forgive any mistranslation on the part of this humble soul who is searching for the ancient wisdom that blesses the inner core of every living organism.

The old news is, say the Masters that human beings are in despair building sand castles, houses on the sand, and building their foundation on top of nothing. Violence, greed, competition, hate, jealousy, pride, prejudice, and all the rest that goes with it are overflowing the boiling pot of every nation on earth and human beings are lost in trivialities trying to resolve secondary problems of limited importance. In the science of cause and effect the primary problem is the cause and only by resolving the cause can the problem be really resolved in this way all the secondary problems will take care of itself with no need of extra effort on our parts.

When only the secondary problem is worked on it feeds the fire and brings more competition and greed and people try to fill their little corner with crumbs of bread in detriment of others and no real agreement can be reached although many intelligent minds sit around the table to work the problems that we face as one nation under the roof of what we call this world. This is not all. Can you imagine how expensive is it to gather every president of almost every nation of the world in one place, each traveling on his private plane with all the gadgets possible, all the staff possible and all the others that only go for the ride staying in expensive hotels and eating expensive meals? However everything is well justifiable by the ways of the ego. I bet you that this amount of money conservatively would feed thousands of hungry men, women and children walking around every nation in this world be that nation poor or rich, developed or underdeveloped. We hope you don’t think about this as a criticism because it is not. To criticize you need to place value judgment and there are nothing of this nature here because there is no anger and no hate in the mind and the heart of the one translating this message. All guns are silent in this corner and can fire no more bullets. This is though recognition of what is going on in the world today. This is not against any government and for the people and vice-versa because there are no taking sides here. It is not difficult to recognize that in both sides we have the good and the bad and the ugly.

The other old news is, say the Masters that human beings or they have no clue what the real problem is or they know it and don’t want to face it. So their perception is distorted into seeing secondary problems as the cause and the primary problem as a secondary problem so that the real cause is never worked on because no intelligent mind can bring it to the table a task that can only be done by a mind full of wisdom which is never invited to such gatherings. The question is how long we are going to stand such level of pain and suffering and how long we are going to allow our minds to be distorted and to be deceived without facing the big challenge of resolving the real problem.

We are being forced through secondary problems to get together because the primary problem is being ignored and has its whereabouts unknown for most human beings in the face of this planet. However deep down the primary problem is knocking on the closed doors of our bewildered minds and unaware of it we send our governments to work on the secondary problems but the unconscious hope is that once there they, by working enough on the secondary problems they will finally discover the primary one. However we are mistaken because following the wrong path they never will. Another reason that they never will find the real problem is simple: they cannot. The discovery of the real problem lies in our hands and nowhere else but we are afraid. However the Great Masters say that the only hope resides within each of us; we need and have the power to surpass our fears which are based on lies made by our own egos.

The other old news is that the primary problem is that of lack of love which causes separation and separation breathes sickness, suffering, pain and wars. We are separated from every other human being in this planet because we are separated from ourselves and we don’t care about ourselves and therefore we don’t care about one another as deep as we would if we would recognize this painful state of affairs that we are in. Wars, competition, disagreement, quest for success, greed, and lack of love are all signs of this painful separation. It is one nation against another, it is one culture against another, it is one race against another, it is one political party against another, it is one religion against another, it is one family against another, it is one brother against another, and it is husband against wife and vice versa, it is women against women, it is men against men. it is men against women and vice versa, and the list goes on. How blind my friends can will still be?

Would not be great to have a meeting throughout the world where the primary problem was discussed? Would not be great if the primary problem was addressed and a plan was set to end all this miserable state of affairs? Would not be great if we had a meeting to create a new life for human beings based on love, compassion and communion? Would not be great to have a meeting where we would discuss how to end separation and therefore sickness, wars, suffering and misery in this world? Would not be great if we had meeting to learn how to silence the guns of anger and hate?

The new news, which only is new because, if we are not doing much about it, it means it is new otherwise it would be also old, is that the primary problem has a solution and we are not condemned to starve any longer then we decide to. So it is a simple problem with a simple but not so easy solution. Let’s rise up and stop this madness. If the primary problem is that of lack of love which causes separation, it does not take a higher intelligent mind to find the answer but it does take a mind full of wisdom because the answer cannot come from the intellect by merely uttering nonsense words without any meaning. The answer can come only from an experience between two or more human beings who decided to silent the guns of hatred and anger and refuses to raise them up even when they are attacked and deceived like did the great sages such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and many others who took to heart the practical example of the Great Masters of Love Socrates and Jesus.

Love is a powerful force, say the Masters that is available freely within every human being who has walked, is walking or will walk this grassy land. They are not talking about the love that we mostly know about through words that have no meaning at all and are only empty promises that never are realized. They are talking about a Love so profound that is deeper in meaning than our own meager sense of love so common to our little selves which play everything safe and by the rules set up to conform, to adapt, and to play by the book of a crumbling society. Love is more than that and it is something so deep that we don’t even have words to talk about it not only because words are limited or because we cannot describe It but also because It can only be experienced internally. Although it can only be experienced internally, it can only make sense in deeper ways when It is extended to other human beings creating an encounter, a meeting, that allows life to flourish as never before, and so we become happier as never before, we come alive to live life as never before, and we treat others as we would like them to treat us as never before. The good news is that if we meet one human being in this way, said the Great Masters of this news, we would have met all human beings in that moment in the same way although we might not ever have been in their presence because time and space do not play a part here. Therefore, after this meeting we would be entangled forever like two particles and wherever we are our minds will never lose perspective of each other and we remember one another without any sign of anger, despair, hate, jealousy, competition and all else. We will remember one another with a respect so profound which is the kind of respect reserved for the dearest part of us where lies the peace of God.

In this way my friends what the Masters are trying to say is that the answer can only come from within us and depends on our meeting in this exact moment when we lose sight of our separateness and remember each other so dearly having met each other or not. The Masters say that there is no need for fancy meetings where people who are lost talk about trivial things and march like lost souls through the corridors and streets of life carrying in their lost minds and in their lost hands guns of hate and despair instead of the flowers of Love getting almost nowhere although they show a satisfied face to please their constituency. However here and now between you and me, say the Masters, in this conspicuous meeting is different and lies the answer because our satisfied faces have a Light in them that brings down every gun and raise up a hand full of flowers which sparkles like diamond in the middle afternoon ocean being hit by the beautiful yellow and reddish sun’s rays. This is a call to inspiration my friends, let us rise, let our minds free and let us bring with us this season the Light of wisdom to everyone that we possible meet or think about through Happiness, Love and Compassion allowing Wisdom to transform all fire into Light opening the eyes and mind of the most blind soul walking this planet.

You can copy this and send it to anyone that you would like to and my hope is that every President, every Prime Minister, every King and Queen, every Dictator and everyone in charge would get a copy of it. Just credit the blogger with his name and his blog address. Mostly important is that you do something about it right now among your friends and family taking advantage of the season’s gatherings to cheer them up with the good news of the Great Masters and so invite them into the circle of Love and Compassion because we need as many people as we can in this world to be awake to heal all the madness and the insanity that we are facing. More let’s send messages, letters and e-mails to everyone in the world living inside a friendly or unfriendly country, a friendly or unfriendly religion, a friendly or unfriendly culture, and so on inviting them with this call for inspiration to participate in the circle of Love and compassion, letting our enemies become more than friends by letting them to become our saviors who can save us from our anger, hatred and despair so that the garden of Light and Wisdom can grow even more.

God Bless all of us.


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