Friday, September 11, 2009

The silent Moment of freshness and freedom

After some months silent, the rain has returned to the land of silence with its heavy showers hitting the roof from time to time. Everything seems to wake up around here and the persimmon tree that had no leaves at all for months seems to have come back out of the dead like the trees in the north of US after the winter. I was surprise because at first glance it looked dead. Only this tree has this behavior that I have never seen around here. No wonder it was strange to me. All trees around here have some leaves during the winter and I did not know that this one tree would behave like as if there is snow around here. I guess to remind me of the winter time with snow that sometimes I miss. It is amazing how the rain wakes up these plants from the most tiny to the bigger ones, and they seem to be singing the song of joy as everything else around here. The plants are so happy that many of them already have fruits on them after the beautiful flowers they had.

The birds fly everywhere and they seem so happy with the increased amount of food because some insects they like are everywhere, and so they singing beautifully more than ever. Sometimes they think that I am part of the environment here, I guess I am, because they fly so close to my head or face sometimes that I might think that for them I am like any other tree or any other bird or something else within this place.

Even the chameleons seem unafraid at times and extremely happy. The other day one jumped almost in front of me to eat some ants that become flying insects. I was so surprised by its action that I stayed there immobile staring at it and after eating, it started staring back at me. I lowered myself to the ground and for quite awhile we just stayed there staring at each. There was nothing in my mind but the chameleon and I am not sure if there was anything in its mind because I am not sure how the chameleon’s think. However, by its stead look, quietness e no movement at all, it look to me that it was also meditating like me.

In the other land next to the land of silence where we enter from time to time nothing ever sleeps so trees are awake always; birds don’t need wings to fly and they fly always; chameleons don’t need anything to eat because they have their bellies full always. In this land we rest a bit whenever our egos lose its power and its weeds of ignorance cannot grow to block our sight for moments. This moment of rest we cannot speak of because there are no words to speak the unspeakable.

If there is freedom it must be from everything because to be free is not to be bound. We are like mummies that are all wrapped in bandages and protected with some kind of chemicals to preserve the body which in the end does not smell good. I don’t know if you have been to these exhibition in museums and if you get close to one of the mummies, the smell becomes strong and difficult to take. The mummies are us enveloped on our convictions and beliefs of any kind and the smell is our egos that leaves a bad smell on anything that we touch because our creativity, our wisdom and our light is out of the window.

I believe that is a metaphor for the way we are. We are so wrapped up and so stiff by our religions and spiritual convictions and beliefs, on our social conventions, on our political ideas and beliefs, on our working convictions and on the pursuit of a false happiness that we cannot move one millimeter out of our cage to smell the flowers, to see the birds, to smell the freshness of the earth when the rain comes, to look at each other without wanting anything, to listen to each other without interfering and blasting our ignorance, and to laugh at this insane world. Remember we cannot buy the Lord's Love by following religious rituals or giving gifts to the poor, or any other means made by our ingenious egos to placate our guilt. We can only get to the Lord's Love by love.

It is really difficult to put in words what is going on around here besides dealing with birds, ants, chameleons and taking care of the vegetable garden that is growing steadily. The lettuces and the rugula are delicious and fresh. Soon we will have green onions, carrots, spinach and more. I hope things were that easy to grow on the garden of the ego. There the weeds grow wild and they are very persistent. As soon as you take one of, some other will come. It is an incessant battle that requires much persistency, determination, perseverance, and a tremendous amount of energy. In the garden of the Lord there are no weeds. However to get there, one has to uproot all the weeds from the garden of the ego in such a way that they would not grow back because one tiny weed that grows again in the garden of ego is enough to push one back and to block one’s way.

Well, as I was saying, words when we approach another realm, another level of the mind, become a limiting factor in our description. However, the only thing the being can do is to try hoping that the ones who read them also get what is in between the lines. So the best thing to do is to let the words before dawn to speak.

My dear Lord

I know that you are here.

Forgive-me Lord but my blind eyes cannot see you,

my deaf ears cannot hear your marvelous songs

my insensitive nose cannot smell the perfume of Your beautiful flowers

my frozen hands cannot fell the softness of Your touch

Forgive-me Lord

Your garden is completely alive here and I am ignorant of everything in it

How long Oh Lord will I keep ignoring the inner workings of freedom that lies beyond the stars and the moon?

How long Oh Lord will I be ignorant of your ways?

How long Oh Lord will I be chained to the shackles of despair and ignorance?

How long Oh Lord will I be caged away from the wisdom of Your inner light?

Be merciful my Lord and show a little light to this beggar of the inner truth


When we travelled in the land of ignorance,

we look for the light where it is not;

we look for wisdom where we cannot find it;

we look for peace making war, misery and pain.

Open our minds Oh dear Lord.

Shine Your wisdom in our minds Oh Divine One.

Let our ignorance be dispelled by the soft drops of your healing rain

God Bless you my dear friends,


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