Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lessons on projection received from the afternoon clouds

June 10, 2009

Lessons on projection received from the afternoon clouds

This afternoon I am having an incredible lesson on projection. What an incredible thing is projection. I am looking at the skies and suddenly everything seem to be looking back at me. I see an eye out of some scattered clouds and it looks like it is looking back at me. Then I leave that and focus my attention on one small cloud appearance out of many flying in the sky this afternoon. It begins with an upward arch looking like a half moon and it is looking south. It is supported by a strong base all white and shinning. Suddenly the arch moves forward and the up part of the arch becomes the face of a dog, one of the dogs that has thin beard hanging from his face. The supporting part of the arch becomes its paws. His paws are extended as if he is laying down looking south. Suddenly the dog figure fades and the cloud becomes a gazelle. The gazelle only lasts a few seconds and it soon becomes something without form but suddenly the above part of the clouds split in two and it reshapes itself like the tales of a whale and suddenly the small cloud becomes an ocean with a whale diving in it just showing its tale. Again everything fades and the cloud becomes a cloud again and not far from it there is a big cloud and I am not sure who is moving toward whom but they begin to move close to each other. It is in a very slow motion but very, very slow the kind of slow motion that if you have one hint of impatience you could not notice. It is as if they are not moving but they are moving. When they are very close, the tip of the big cloud became like a big strong lion. I thought the bigger cloud, now transformed into lion, is going to engulf the smaller cloud that is now formless. However soon the lion disappears as they continue moving towards each other. Not long the smaller cloud becomes shaped like a long thin back of a person or like a soft road as if waiting for the bigger cloud to just plunge on top of it. However it is not finished yet as they approach each the smaller cloud just begins to fade unexpectedly and it soon disappears completely without touching the bigger cloud. The bigger cloud continues to move and it splits itself in three parts and it begins to fade where the splits were. The last part of the split is approached by what I think is an inverted face of some quality that I cannot define very well. I am going to say demon but I think it looks like more a wild face with the demon figure attached to it. This face as it approaches that piece of cloud it simply fades as it get almost on top of the bigger cloud.

I guess life is like that whatever we look we are just making it up. The biggest problem I see is that we don’t know often that we are making it up and we think that what our perception is showing us is the truth. The worst is that we act on it and defend our actions with teeth and nails as if it is the truth. In the observation above I believe I knew all the time that I was making those images up perhaps based on my personal history of experiencing, seeing dogs, gazelles, designs of wild faces on tv, dreams, movies and so on, and have seen whales diving on the ocean with their fins up. So I am not afraid moreover I do not feel moved on way or another by them because the mind is just contemplating or observing in peace and silence.

I think about all this and look back at my life and see how many times I have not realized that what I was seeing in a situation was just my faulty perception of what was going, it was just out of my own making and had little to do with the situation. Something in the situation just stimulated my perception and my mind went on making up what I thought was true for that situation. Then conflict arouse and blind by my own perception I would asked how did this conflict happen when I “knew” that the other person was wrong and I was right. The worse yet was about to come which was my feelings of guilt mainly if the other’s response was very strong and showed pain. This guilt would last for days and sometimes years or even decades if I did not have an opportunity to atone with the other person. The other worse part of it was that some of the time this guilt was my own creation because the other person took our interaction up as a lesson and I failed to take it as a lesson until I learned that what happened was a learning lesson for that person.

I keep thinking how this might happen to millions of others like me who travels the hard ways of this world. We look at something or hear something or feel something and we began to make our story up about what we are looking at, hearing or feeling like I did with the clouds in the sky. There is a big difference in the case of the sky because if one is peaceful and here and now and has patience one will see that the shapes and forms in the sky will become a cloud again and everything was one’s own construction. In daily life it is very difficult to see or hear or feel things that way. There is no time and patience to see things through; see them beginning, going through its course and ending. We just react based on scraped pieces of information gathered at the beginning or during its course. Then disaster, pain, fear, suffering and guilt strikes and are the likely outcome of our reactions. So in these situation we don’t act, we just react. A blind being reacts and a sage acts.

How many people have been burned, killed, or strangled throughout history or are burned, killed or strangled today by a distorted perception caused by our own ignorance of the true of what really happened? How much suffering, hate, pain, guilt and misery have dawned upon this world based on senseless ideals built from a false perception of each other, of a situation and of an experience? How many wars were not made up through this faulty system of perception? And worst how many wars happened based not only on this faulty system of perception but based on baseless information made to deceive even more and to make this system of perception more faulty yet?

Thanks to the inner silence, thanks to our higher self, thanks to Jesus, the Buddha, Socrates, Saint Francis, Arjuna, Ramana Marharshi and others who saw the truth beyond the images. Thanks to the mind that can wake up and see that everything our body eyes, our body ears, and our bodies senses perceive are probably if not all perhaps 99% of them are false, and that they are just an illusion and they are just made up by our false perception.

When the mind is awake, when the being is in silence and peace dawns upon the mind, the mind knows that every scrap of thinking, every thought, is just a construction of its own dreaming part. So the awake mind just observe that dance within and does not get involved in its raucous sounds and strange dance but keep still, unmoved by anything good or bad. In this it becomes more peaceful still and its strength is unheard and this mind begins to think and to say what is behind all the illusions of the world.

Let’s wake brothers and sisters and see beyond the image. Let's hear the unspoken song of truth, and feel the clear feeling of the pristine waters of the highest lake were pollution cannot reach. Let’s cultivate at least a moment of silence in our busy lives and pray the way we can or just stay silent observing the images of the mind coming and going without getting involved with them, without making anything of them, without transforming them into something else. Just stay still and don’t allow the ego to rule your mind and make a carnival out of it. Whenever you realize you are getting involved in the carnival of the mind just remind yourself that everything is just your ego making things up at least for this moment of silence. Remind yourself that these are just your thoughts and there is no one else right here. Then see your thoughts disappears ones faster than others and just stay there resolutely that no thought good or bad will take your moment of silence away. This will take, I am sure as it has taken me, to a more lasting inner quietness and inner peace building your strength and resilience to face the worst things in life with strength and wisdom as well as the best things of life with grace without destroying its deep perfume.

Dear Beloved:

Light the path of your friend

Clear the mind of the debris that dirty its darkest corner

Help peace dawns upon it opening the doors of wisdom.

Be at peace my dear friend,


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